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Communication Process

The Workflow of GeeTest CAPTCHA V4 - Adaptive CAPTCHA

The client will acquire the CAPTCHA challenge by load request. Then the business process will be started if the users submited the correct answer to the GeeTest server, also the GeeTest server will create a passed challenge token for secondary verification. Next, the validate request will be sent from your server to the GeeTest server to verify the passed challenge token. Finally, your server will start handling your business scenario if the result is valid.


Interaction Flowchart of GeeTest Intelligent Adaptive Mode

As for the Intelligent Adaptive Mode, the GeeTest server will pre-judge the user type based on the data. The suspicious users will be required to submit a correct challenge answer to the GeeTest server, then start your business. Whereas the legitimate users will jump to your business directly.


The Workflow of GeeTest CAPTCHA v4 - Intelligent Mode

The client will collect the information for detection after the GeeTest server returns the corresponding configuration and a serial number by load request. Then the verify request will be sent to the GeeTest server with the collection information to trigger the Risk assessment. The risk-free user will pass this part automatically but the suspicious users will go to the Primary verification process, which is the normal question and answer flow. Secondary verification is the last process. Your server will handle your business scenario based on the result of it.


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