Getting started


This page is an overview of the developer documentation. It will guide you on how to quickly get started with captcha integration.


The GeeTest captcha developer documentation consists of 4 sections.

  • Getting started
  • Integration Docs
  • API Reference
  • Help

If it is the first time for you to integrate GeeTest captcha, it’s recommended to read it in the following manner.

  1. Read the Getting Start section, especially the Data Communication flow chart and the Integration Guide.

  2. Read the Integration Docs in your programing language and finish the integration for Client and Server.

  3. API Reference contains the details of the API methods in Web, iOS and Android. After finishing the integration, you can check the API reference and explore more custom features.

  4. You can find explanations of some important concepts and frequently asked questions in the Help section.

General Reference

This is the GeeTest captcha general reference.

Quick start

Integration Docs

API Reference