Based on golang gin framework and go mod dependency.

Demo development environment

Item Description
OS Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
golang version 1.13.4 Linux/Amd64
gin version 1.6.3
redis version 3.0.6


Item Description
Data communication flow chart Data communication flow chart
Download SDK gt3-server-golang-gin-bypass


Download DEMO

git clone https://github.com/GeeTeam/gt3-server-golang-gin-bypass.git

Configure key pairs

Get public key(ID) and private key(KEY) from GeeTest Dashboard.Then configure the key pair in the following configuration file:


Run demo

cd gt3-server-golang-gin-sdk
sudo go run main.go

Visit http://localhost:8000 to view the demo.

Key file reference

Name Description Directory
main.go Entry point of the project. Configure static files, middleware, router, etc.
geetest_controller.go Handle service initialization and secondary verification process controllers/
geetest_config.go Parameters configuration controllers/
geetest_lib.go Contains the core logic controllers/sdk/
geetest_lib_result.go Encapsulated class providing access to the data controllers/sdk/
index.html Index page of the demo static/
gt.js JavaScript file loaded locally static/
go.mod Manage dependency


GeeTest Status Monitoring API

Client/SDK Server Communication API Reference

SDK/GeeTest Server Communication API Reference

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