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GeeTest Device Fingerprinting

GeeTest Device Fingerprinting offers an innovative risk management solution that provides a unique identifier for user’s terminal devices with unparalleled accuracy. Protect your business from fake accounts, VPNs, emulators, bots, and more malicious activities.

This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide for you, elucidating the integration and utilization of device fingerprinting, empowering them to enhance security measures, personalize user experiences, and detect fraudulent activities within their applications.


Geetest’s device fingerprint relies on private data like IMEI/IDFA. It generates a unique device identifier for each device through Geetest’s Weak feature attribution algorithm, providing a stable and tamper-resistant device fingerprint.

With the ability to recognize device risks, Geetest’s device fingerprinting collects over 300 weak feature factor data points. Through device relationship graphs and triple-dimensional review model, it identifies virtual, automated, and customized devices, providing real-time outputs of device risk labels and risk statuses.

Here is the workflow for your reference


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