Based on node express framework and package.json managing the dependency.

Demo development environment

Item Description
OS Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
node version 12.18.0
express version 4.17.1
redis version 3.0.6


Item Description
Data communication flow chart Data communication flow chart
Download SDK gt3-server-node-express-bypass


Download DEMO

git clone https://github.com/GeeTeam/gt3-server-node-express-bypass.git

Configure key pairs

Get public key(ID) and private key(KEY) from GeeTest Dashboard.Then configure the key pair in the following configuration file:


Run demo

cd gt3-server-node-express-sdk
sudo npm install
sudo node app.js

Visit http://localhost:3333 to view the demo.

Key file reference

Name Description Directory
app.js Handle service initialization and secondary verification process
geetest_config.js Parameters configuration
geetest_lib.js Contains the core logic sdk/
geetest_lib_result.js Encapsulated class providing access to the data sdk/
index.html Index page of the demo public/
gt.js JavaScript file loaded locally public/
package.json Manage dependency


GeeTest Status Monitoring API

Client/SDK Server Communication API Reference

SDK/GeeTest Server Communication API Reference

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