Product introduction


This section explains product-related information about GeeTest captcha

Product Description

GeeTest captcha is a SaaS product which could protect your websites and APPs from bot attack. It’s a new type of captcha, which is different from the traditional “question-answer” detection mode. GeeTest collects and analyses biometric data which is generated while users interact with captcha. Powered by machine learning, GeeTest trains high-dimensional models to analyze these data and accurately differentiate humans from bots.

Usage context

GeeTest captcha could protect your websites and mobile application from bot attack. It can apply to many contexts, including but not limited to, sign in, sign up, SMS API, promotion activities, polling, etc.

Product advantages

GeeTest captcha has the following advantages.

  • High security

Different from the traditional “question-answer” captcha, GeeTest captcha constantly learns and adjusts itself with AI. Our deep understanding of bot activities could effectively distinguish human from bots.

  • Better user experience

GeeTest captcha generates intelligent defense policies based on real-time data, which could reduce the difficulty level of passing the captcha for users.

  • Intelligent management

GeeTest provides a dashboard which supports visualize traffic analysis and custom security settings.

  • Stability

Built on cloud architecture, GeeTest captcha could provide capacity expansion and redundancy solutions when there are traffic spike or node failures.

Product framework

GeeTest captcha product consists of three parts.

  • Server SDK
    The server SDK contains APIs that need to be configured in server and help with data processing. Currently, it supports c#, java, python, PHP, node.js and etc.
  • Client SDK
    The client SDK relates to the captcha interface module. Currently, it supports Web, iOS, Android.

  • Dashboard
    GeeTest provides a dashboard in which you can check for the traffic details and custom your captcha.