Error Code Error Description Error Details
-10170 Illegal parameter Response is called back to null
-10171 Illegal parameter Context object is null
-10172 Illegal parameter Context instance must be Activity type
-10174 Illegal parameter appId not configured
-13099 Unsupported WebView Component The current device’s new WebView object reports an error
-13175 Illegal parameter H5 Static address configuration error
-13201 Network error ERROR_UNKNOWN general error
-13202 Network error ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE address unreachable
-13203 Network error ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_AUTH_SCHEME unsupported authentication scheme
-13204 Network error ERROR_AUTHENTICATION user authentication failed
-13205 Network error ERROR_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION proxy user authentication failed
-13206 Network error ERROR_CONNECT no connection to server
-13207 Network error ERROR_IO failed to read/write server
-13208 Network error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT connection timeout
-13209 Network error ERROR_REDIRECT_LOOP too many redirects
-13210 Network error ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_SCHEME Unsupported URI scheme
-13211 Network error ERROR_FAILED_SSL_HANDSHAKE SSL handshake failed
-13212 Network error ERROR_BAD_URL URL format error
-13213 Network error ERROR_FILE common file error
-13214 Network error ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND file not found
-13215 Network error ERROR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS too many requests
-13216 Network error ERROR_UNSAFE_RESOURCE resource loading is canceled
-13220 Network error WebView loading error, current version is older than 4.4w No detailed error code
-13221 Network error WebView Load Error, current version is 5.0 or 5.1 No detailed error code
-13300 Certificate error SSL_NOTYETVALID certificate is invalid
-13301 Certificate error SSL_EXPIRED certificate has expired
-13302 Certificate error SSL_IDMISMATCH certificate does not match HOST
-13303 Certificate error SSL_UNTRUSTED certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate authority
-13304 Certificate error SSL_DATE_INVALID certificate date is invalid
-13305 Certificate error SSL_INVALID general certificate error
-13580 There is a little trouble loading H5 callback data is null
-13581 There is a little trouble loading H5 callback data parsing error report
-13582 There is a little trouble loading H5 callback data default key
-14460 Captcha session is canceled The verification process is canceled by the user.
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