Demo address

Find the Node Demo on https://github.com/GeeTeam/gt4_node_express_demo

Run demo

  1. Install Node.js 14 or higher

  2. Run the following commands:

npm start
  1. Visit http://localhost:3000 in browser to see the demo interface

Access process

  1. Configure GeeTest parameters

  2. Get front-end parameters

  3. Generate signature

  4. Request GeeTest service to validate user authentication status

  5. You can make further decisions based on the verification result returned from GeeTest server.

Secondary validation interface

Interface information Description
API address http://gcaptcha4.geetest.com/validate
Request method GET/POST
Content type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Response format json
  1. Request parameters
Parameter Name Type Description
lot_number string Verify serial number
captcha_output string Verify output information
pass_token string Token of the verification
gen_time string Timestamp of the verification
captcha_id string CAPTCHA ID
sign_token string Verification signature
  1. Response parameters
Parameter Name Type Description
result string Secondary validation result
reason string Validation result description
captcha_args dict Verify output parameters
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