This part provides the detailed description of all the configuration and APIs for deploying the CAPTCHA service to the web.


Compatibility IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, mainstream mobile browsers, and embedded Webview on iOS and Android


  1. Create an ID in GeeTest dashboard

  2. Import initialization function

<script src="gt4.js"></script>

You can download it from https://static.geetest.com/v4/gt4.js

  1. Call the initialization function for initialization
captchaId: "Your CaptchaId",
function (captcha) {
// call appendTo to insert CAPTCHA into an element of the page, which can be customized by you

Please note the following:

  • CAPTCHA service has to be initialized while your web page is loading, otherwise, the verification shall not be able
    to detect user’s behavioral data of how they operate on the page, resulting in invalid verification.

  • For the initialization of multiple verification code scenarios on the same page, each verification code scenario needs to call
    the initGeetest4 method for separate initialization; If there are multiple authentication entries in one scenario,
    multiple initializations are required.**

  • CaptchaId is a parameter that must be configured. For optional configuration parameters refer to the
    parameter configuration of Web API.

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