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GeeTest adaptive CAPTCHA is a behavior analysis-based bot management solution, it offers dynamic protection for websites, mobile apps (ios and Android), and APIs against bot threats, and in-depth traffic analysis that is crucial to growing an online business.

In this guide, we will be deploying a GeeTest CAPTCHA that protects your application. For more information, please jump to GeeTest Captcha website.

Quick start

Access processes


  1. Sign up and activate your GeeTest account on the official website
  2. Create an ID and Key on the dashboard
  3. Deploy your CAPTCHA based on the developer documentation
  4. Test disaster recovery scenarios to make sure your business is able to work in abnormal cases.

Access Tips

  • You only need to deploy the ID on the front end, the key is not needed. Otherwise, the verification rules will be invalid. However, the server end needs to deploy the ID and Key.
  • In order to distinguish data and rules in different scenarios, it is recommended to differentiate ID deployments in different scenarios.
  • The remote dependency access is not supported on the mobile terminal, please log in to the dashboard and download the mobile SDK (Dashboard > Top right of Applications page).
  • In order to avoid interrupting the business of the C-side, please pay attention to handling API exceptions while you are deploying the challenge on the server end.
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