GT3Error Code

Error Code of GeeTest CAPTCA

ErrorCode Description
-10 captcha forbidden
-20 Too many attempts
-30 A challenge could only be used for once. You should reigster GT3CaptchaManager before you request captcha everytime.
-40 Configuration problem. The parameters passed in are invalid or null. You should reigster GT3CaptchaManager first.
-50 GeeTest server response exception, please check gettype.php
-51 GeeTest server response exception, please check get.php
-52 GeeTest server response exception, please check ajax.php
-70 Your should provide a pair of valid {API1, API2} or a group of valid {gt_captcha_id, gt_challenge, gt_success_code, API2}. Please Check your CONFIGURATION methods.
-71 Missing GT3Captcha.bundle file.
-80 Please set the GT3CaptcaManagerDelegate.

Cocoa Error


ErrorCode Description
-999 NSURLErrorCancelled
-1000 NSURLErrorBadURL
-1001 NSURLErrorTimedOut
-1002 NSURLErrorUnsupportedURL
-1003 NSURLErrorCannotFindHost
-1004 NSURLErrorCannotConnectToHost
-1005 NSURLErrorNetworkConnectionLost
-1006 NSURLErrorDNSLookupFailed
-1007 NSURLErrorHTTPTooManyRedirects
-1008 NSURLErrorResourceUnavailable
-1009 NSURLErrorNotConnectedToInternet
-1010 NSURLErrorRedirectToNonExistentLocation
-1011 NSURLErrorBadServerResponse
-1012 NSURLErrorUserCancelledAuthentication
-1013 NSURLErrorUserAuthenticationRequired
-1014 NSURLErrorZeroByteResource
-1015 NSURLErrorCannotDecodeRawData
-1016 NSURLErrorCannotDecodeContentData
-1017 NSURLErrorCannotParseResponse
-1102 NSURLErrorNoPermissionsToReadFile
-1200 NSURLErrorSecureConnectionFailed
-1201 NSURLErrorServerCertificateHasBadDate
-1202 NSURLErrorServerCertificateUntrusted
-1203 NSURLErrorServerCertificateHasUnknownRoot

For more information, please visit URL Loading System Error Codes for the detailed Apple Developer Documentation.


ErrorCode Description
3840 The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.