Version Description Time
0.13.2 1. Add a new method for corner radius setting;
2. Add a new method for custom regerstation and validation registerCaptchaWithCustomAsyncTask:completion:;
3. Deprecate configureGTest:challenge:success:withAPI2:;
4. bug fixes
0.12.7 1. Fix: captcha cannot be called 2. Fix: protential crash issue 2019-11-11
0.12.6 1. Invoke startGTCaptchaWithAnimated and closeGTViewIfIsOpen in main thread
2. Bug fixes
0.12.5 1. Throw error code -90 when a white screen caused by WKWebView memory warning;
2. Support multiple captcha instances;
3. Solve the appstore submission rejection caused by bundle configuration;
4. Adapt to iOS 13: remove symbols marked API_DEPRECATED;
5. Bump iOS Target to iOS 8.0;
6. Bug fixes
0.12.4 Fix: captcha cannot be canceled in poor network 2019-08-06
0.12.1 Fix: gtCaptchaWillShowGTView:did not callback in GT3CaptchaManagerViewDelegate 2019-05-15
0.12.0 Update UI features; use Memory Graph to solve the memory leak;; Improve the network configuration 2019-04-29
0.11.7 Fix the data exception in iPad mini2 iOS9; Optimize UI; Fix OOM issue 2019-03-14
0.11.4 Please contact us if you need HTTPDNS version 2019-03-11
0.11.2: Support 11 languages; add a new API for language modification; use custom window as display view container; fix protential crash that may be caused by CGColorRef 2019-03-07
0.11.0: Add new proxy-authenticate method; Adapt to new APIs; enhance the performance in poor network 2019-01-22
0.10.2: Support Japanese; optimized the logic -
0.10.1: Optimize network module; Optimize internal state control; Support Indonesian -
0.9.0: Add GT3Captcha.Bundle to manage images, files and other resources for Static Library -