Version Description Time
4.1.8: Add cluster switch API, bug fixes 2019-12-18
4.1.7: Add maven dependency; remove appcompat-v7 dependency to be compatible with Androidx 2019-11-15
4.1.6: Remove httpdns 2019-10-24
4.1.5: Use OKHTTP framework 2019-09-05
4.1.4: Switch the webview to Tencent X5 2019-07-19
4.1.3: Night Mode update 2019-06-21
4.1.2: Solve the error that network frameworks may conflict with Akamai SDK; optimize the logic of the program 2019-06-05
4.1.1: Fix for crashes to increase the robustness 2019-05-21
4.1.0: Update UI, fix program crashes, increase program robustness
New feature: the icon of Loading is customizable
4.0.7: Switch httpdns to https, optimize httpdns logic
Bugfix: fix the error that in unbind mode the default text cannot be found in the first initialization
4.0.6: Support extra 7 languages, add language control API, optimized the logic 2019-03-07
4.0.5: Add httpdns, add network exception report, and bug fixes 2019-01-22
4.0.3: Optimize SDK, adapt for beeline captcha type Compatible for ldpi, mdpi, hdpi resolution; add debug API; add webview timeout settings API; fix gyroscope exception; add a callback for loading success
3.5.5: Optmize gzip; Compatible for TLS1.1; bug fixes
3.5.4: Add log export features
3.5.3: Add a notification for webview deleted in log; improve the prompt display in unbind mode
3.5.1: Support Japanese
3.5.0: Support Indonesian
3.4.9: Fix the issue that APPName was modified in unsupported language
3.4.8: Bug fixes
3.4.6: Encrypt parameters
3.4.5: Catch parameters parse exceptions
3.4.4: Bug fixes
3.4.2: Support English; webview lifecycle optimization; modify ajax parameters; switch API callback to UI thread; add a loading API; optimize SDK
3.3.2: Optimize webview support
3.3.0: Optimize network framework; optimize obfuscation; add API to destroy resources; optimize external APIs for SDK
3.2.12: Limit the number of data collection; add webview settings
3.2.11: Improve GT3CallBacks,prevent extra resources from being consumed
3.2.10: Bug fixes
3.2.9: Fix crash issues for below android 5.0; fix the memory leak caused by protrait orientated; removed some APIs
3.2.8: Add statistics API getGeetestStatisticsJson (); add debug API
3.2.7: Add getVersion to get the current version; add loading webview timeout API; set redirecting timeout to 5s; delete gt3DialogSuccess () API
3.2.6: Fix portrait orientation errors; optimize SDK to prevent memory leaks; cache uuid
3.2.5: Upload androidID and uuid; bug fixes
3.2.4: Add cookies for api1 and api2
3.1.3: Optimize UI threads
3.1.2: Improvement: only request api1 for one time
3.0.2: Add api1