Version Description Time
4.2.5: 1、Optimize multilingual logic, and the SDK language follows the current Activity language 2020-08-27
4.2.4: 1、Fixed the issue of thread safety causing error _03 in special cases;2、A new bind mode invokes a validation interval limit of at least one second 2020-08-14
4.2.3: 1. Add whether to close the popup interface setUnCanceledOnTouchKeyCodeBack if the back button is clicked. 2. Add the monitor/send interface for error reporting 2020-07-23
4.2.2: 1. Remove the X5 kernel 2. Add a graphics verification result callback onReceiveCaptchaCode 3. Adapt to the full-screen landscape scene 2020-06-11
4.2.1: Fix pop-up display problems in extreme scenes 2020-04-21
4.2.0: 1. Fix the slide voice mode display problem 2. Delete the onapi1result and onapi2result callback interfaces 2020-04-08
4.1.9: Refer to the method for determining the illegal collection and use of personal information by app jointly issued by the state Internet information office and the Ministry of industry and information technology to deal with SDK compliance 2020-01-09 Add custom front-end parameter interface setGTViewWithParams 2020-03-17
4.1.8: Add cluster switch API, bug fixes 2019-12-18
4.1.7: Add maven dependency; remove appcompat-v7 dependency to be compatible with Androidx 2019-11-15
4.1.6: Remove httpdns 2019-10-24
4.1.5: Use OKHTTP framework 2019-09-05
4.1.4: Switch the webview to Tencent X5 2019-07-19
4.1.3: Night Mode update 2019-06-21
4.1.2: Solve the error that network frameworks may conflict with Akamai SDK; optimize the logic of the program 2019-06-05
4.1.1: Fix for crashes to increase the robustness 2019-05-21
4.1.0: Update UI, fix program crashes, increase program robustness
New feature: the icon of Loading is customizable
4.0.7: Switch httpdns to https, optimize httpdns logic
Bugfix: fix the error that in unbind mode the default text cannot be found in the first initialization
4.0.6: Support extra 7 languages, add language control API, optimized the logic 2019-03-07
4.0.5: Add httpdns, add network exception report, and bug fixes 2019-01-22
4.0.3: Optimize SDK, adapt for beeline captcha type Compatible for ldpi, mdpi, hdpi resolution; add debug API; add webview timeout settings API; fix gyroscope exception; add a callback for loading success
3.5.5: Optmize gzip; Compatible for TLS1.1; bug fixes
3.5.4: Add log export features
3.5.3: Add a notification for webview deleted in log; improve the prompt display in unbind mode
3.5.1: Support Japanese
3.5.0: Support Indonesian
3.4.9: Fix the issue that APPName was modified in unsupported language
3.4.8: Bug fixes
3.4.6: Encrypt parameters
3.4.5: Catch parameters parse exceptions
3.4.4: Bug fixes
3.4.2: Support English; webview lifecycle optimization; modify ajax parameters; switch API callback to UI thread; add a loading API; optimize SDK
3.3.2: Optimize webview support
3.3.0: Optimize network framework; optimize obfuscation; add API to destroy resources; optimize external APIs for SDK
3.2.12: Limit the number of data collection; add webview settings
3.2.11: Improve GT3CallBacks,prevent extra resources from being consumed
3.2.10: Bug fixes
3.2.9: Fix crash issues for below android 5.0; fix the memory leak caused by protrait orientated; removed some APIs
3.2.8: Add statistics API getGeetestStatisticsJson (); add debug API
3.2.7: Add getVersion to get the current version; add loading webview timeout API; set redirecting timeout to 5s; delete gt3DialogSuccess () API
3.2.6: Fix portrait orientation errors; optimize SDK to prevent memory leaks; cache uuid
3.2.5: Upload androidID and uuid; bug fixes
3.2.4: Add cookies for api1 and api2
3.1.3: Optimize UI threads
3.1.2: Improvement: only request api1 for one time
3.0.2: Add api1